sundance 2013

Made it out to our third year at Sundance! We managed to stay warm even when hitting less than eighteen degrees, fahrenheit. Sundance is wonderful, It’s one of my favorite events of the year. There’s nothing like being bundled up in the middle of nowhere, snow everywhere, surrounded by lovers of film. You can pick up a conversation with anyone, and they usually share your passion for all things related to cinema; It’s a pleasant escape. We had dinner at Table Onesitting next to Morgan Spurlock (the director of Super Size Me, Mansome). We also saw a handful of actors and directors at Q&A’s. It’s always inspiring to hear director’s speak of the difficulty of making a film, and the reward of finally completing it. Overall most Q&A’s have a positive and inspiring message for other film makers out there.


We were very fortunate in that we didn’t get a bad egg in all the films we watched; we were pleased with the majority. There were a few that were just“alright”, not terrible by any means (A.C.O.D., jOBS). I was able to enjoy a variety of films I would have otherwise had needed to wait until they were at  our local indie theatre, or netflix. We averaged about 3 films a day, we didn’t go skiing, we didn’t snowshoe, we just watched movies, enjoyed downtown, had some comfort food, and sat in dark theaters absorbing images. There really is nothing like Sundance, I’m already counting down the days until next year!

If you need more Sundance imagery, my partner in crime posted a great photo-set on his blog.

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