11.22.16Minimal Advent Calendar

Minimal Advent Calendar

Download the Advent Calendar PDF here.

+ Small gold colored (brass) nails from your hardware store
+ Hammer
+ Thin piece of wood, about 24″ x 36″ (they can cut at the hardware store)
+ Walnut colored varnish, 1/2 Pint
+ Small bristle brush for varnishing wood
+ Gold string (I bought it at the embroidery area at Michaels)
+ Wax paper
+ Ruler and pencil
+ Painters tape
+ Command Strips
+ Printer and ink

Get your wood cut to size. Lay down a plastic trash bag outside, and varnish one side. It might take two coats, depends on your color preference. Once the wood has dried, it’s time to design your triangle trees! Grab your wax paper, and design your triangle shape to your liking using your ruler and pencil, make sure the distance between your points / nails is even. Once you have the exact design you want, tape the wax paper to the wood board. Gently nail in the brass pins / nails until they cannot be pulled out and are set in place. All of them at the same depth. Remove the tape and wax paper after doing so. String the string on each triangle, print the pdf with the advent numbers (preferably on thick paper) and cut them out.  Here comes the fun part, write down your favorite holiday activities on the back! You can arrange them any way you like. Use the Command Strips so you can hang it up wherever you please and take it down without damaging anything.

Activity Ideas
+ Get the perfect tree
+ Hang up the mistletoe
+ Send Santa your wishlist
+ Make hot chocolate with marshmallows
+ Shop for seasonal goods at the farmer’s market
+ Make a holiday wreath
+ Watch a Christmas film
+ Write and send seasonal snail mail to loved ones
+ Drive around looking for christmas lights
+ Search for “snow” at your local ice cream shop
+ Visit Santa Claus
+ Wear pajamas all day
+ Make spiced apple cider
+ Go ice skating
+ Spontaneous day!
+ Dollar store $5 stocking stuffer challenge
+ Dance to Christmas music
+ Make smores by the fire
+ Movie night and Takeout under a warm blanket
+ Holiday get-together with friends
+ Write a thank you card for your significant other
+ Bake treats for the neighbors

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