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11.22.16Minimal Advent Calendar

Minimal Advent Calendar

Download the Advent Calendar PDF here.

+ Small gold colored (brass) nails from your hardware store
+ Hammer
+ Thin piece of wood, about 24″ x 36″ (they can cut at the hardware store)
+ Walnut colored varnish, 1/2 Pint
+ Small bristle brush for varnishing wood
+ Gold string (I bought it at the embroidery area at Michaels)
+ Wax paper
+ Ruler and pencil
+ Painters tape
+ Command Strips
+ Printer and ink

Get your wood cut to size. Lay down a plastic trash bag outside, and varnish one side. It might take two coats, depends on your color preference. Once the wood has dried, it’s time to design your triangle trees! Grab your wax paper, and design your triangle shape to your liking using your ruler and pencil, make sure the distance between your points / nails is even. Once you have the exact design you want, tape the wax paper to the wood board. Gently nail in the brass pins / nails until they cannot be pulled out and are set in place. All of them at the same depth. Remove the tape and wax paper after doing so. String the string on each triangle, print the pdf with the advent numbers (preferably on thick paper) and cut them out.  Here comes the fun part, write down your favorite holiday activities on the back! You can arrange them any way you like. Use the Command Strips so you can hang it up wherever you please and take it down without damaging anything.

Activity Ideas
+ Get the perfect tree
+ Hang up the mistletoe
+ Send Santa your wishlist
+ Make hot chocolate with marshmallows
+ Shop for seasonal goods at the farmer’s market
+ Make a holiday wreath
+ Watch a Christmas film
+ Write and send seasonal snail mail to loved ones
+ Drive around looking for christmas lights
+ Search for “snow” at your local ice cream shop
+ Visit Santa Claus
+ Wear pajamas all day
+ Make spiced apple cider
+ Go ice skating
+ Spontaneous day!
+ Dollar store $5 stocking stuffer challenge
+ Dance to Christmas music
+ Make smores by the fire
+ Movie night and Takeout under a warm blanket
+ Holiday get-together with friends
+ Write a thank you card for your significant other
+ Bake treats for the neighbors

10.05.16Front Porch Inspiration


I’m pretty tired of staring at the same old porch everyday; not only is it uninviting, but it’s also somewhat falling apart. We had a giant earthquake a few years back and there are unsightly cracks all through different parts of the concrete. The stucco on the pillars is falling apart, all in all it’s a little depressing. I’d like to demo the whole thing and hire a architect and construction company to make the modern porch of my dreams, with a Ipe deck and corten steel planters… But let’s get real. I don’t have $15,000 to blow at the moment. I’m trying to DIY this, while creating a space that actually makes me want to sit outside and enjoy the afternoon. My inexpensive solution? Resurface the concrete, touch up the stucco, get a bucket of paint, and get creative. Incase my resurfacing doesn’t look 100%, I figured I could cover some of my handiwork with a minimal / modern outdoor rug. The tree stump I am going to make myself with wood from my mother’s ranch and a small can of walnut tinted varnish. Follow this wonderful tutorial form The Art of Doing Stuff to make your own. If you are crunched for time West Elm has them ready to go. I went with a classic Adirondack chair because it’s in my budget, folds down, and is made of very durable materials. Throw in two black outdoor pillows for comfort, and a sleek metal planter, a pretty and hard to kill snake plant, voila! Deceivingly “good as new”.

07.04.154th of July | Printable Sparkler Holder

IMG_2869 Happy 4th of July everyone! I’m a sucker for sparklers and all things shiny and bright, so I went ahead and made a little printable to share with everyone. Go ahead and download it here; print it, cut it, and get ready to “shine bright”! I hope your day is filled with friends, ice cold drinks, and a warn summer breeze. We’ll be at the park all day playing board games and drinking lemonade. I hope you all have the most wonderful time celebrating the U.S.A.’s birthday!

Need more 4th of July inspiration? Go browse my pinterest board here for more red white and blue!





Another DIY that I did was add a gold leaf foil to the bottom of the menu’s I designed and printed on thick card stock; It took less than 10 minutes to complete, and adds a very refined touch. I used Martha Stewart’s gold leaf, brushes, and glue. Our menu consisted of a five course meal I planned with a few recipes from Pinterest. We were all smiles and not a crumb left on our plates; I think we’ll be throwing fancy dinner parties more often!


Bewitching Halloween Dinner Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. Fall is in full swing, the weather starts to cool down, and a hint of spooky fills the air. I love throwing a good dinner party, so I pieced together this witch inspired table with a classy twist. I must say I was somewhat inspired by the show Hannibal (not for the faint of heart!). I used my mid-century glasses and flatware that I’m obsessed with. The place cards are Agate slices with each guests name written with a gold pen, a very easy DIY that anyone can do.

Bewitching Halloween Dinner

Bewitching Halloween Dinner Tablecloth and sequin runner from TableClothsFactory / Black plates from Ikea / Glasses and barware are vintage from Ebay / Napkins from World Market / Pillar candles from Michael’s /  Moss, Dried Flowers, and Air Plants from a local wholesale flower shop.


loglady_twinpeaks_costume_halloween I’m a giant Twin Peaks fan. I’ve watched the series twice and have started re-watching it in it’s entire restored splendor on Blu-Ray. My favorite character by far is the Log Lady. She makes sense while saying nonsense. If anything, she is such an integral character to the show, without being the main character, or appearing all that much. When I take on a costume, I do my best to stay get it on the dot. I did some deep digging on my go to sites, Etsy and Ebay, then bought a bundle of logs and picked the best one (the rest ended up in my fireplace). It’s a fairy easy costume to piece together, just be warned you’ll get tired of carrying around the log, because it has too much to say.



I love fashion. I love shoes. I’m obsessed with fabric, textures, you name it. I’ve always loved playing dress up, but with a dinky rolling rack, and boxes of unorganized garments it’s hard to get inspired. All of my life I’ve dreamt of having a walk in closet, something that would make a girl swoon (as cheesy as that may sound, it’s true). We live in a house that’s over a hundred years old. As soon as we moved in, I knew our tiny closet in the master bedroom and sad excuse for a bathroom had to be torn down and merged into one magnificent walk in dream. It took a few years to get around to this project, but that only gave me time to plan it to perfection. It took several measurements, sketches, trips to Ikea, browsing retail stores for inspiration, and saving up to get my dream closet. I feel that it was worth every penny!

J03A9225_edit1 J03A9219_edit1 Don’t get me wrong, I love a good DIY project, but this was a massive undertaking. I decided to hire a handyman to execute my design who has amazing carpentry skills, and knows how to do electric work as well. The “bones” and majority of the accents of the closet are from the Pax collection from Ikea. The floating shelf is a lacquered Lack floating shelf, we had a light switch wired through at the bottom so when you sit down you can turn on the lights; makes putting on makeup all the more glamourous. The mirrors above the countertop are a part of the bathroom collection Godmorgon, they work perfectly for storing perfume, nail polish, and makeup. The drawer handles are from Ikea’s kitchen collection, called Blankett. I custom ordered a few mirrors to make the space feel larger; The mirror behind the jewelry area, and the giant wall mirror (which makes the closet feel infinite!). They were the perfect finishing touch.
J03A9233_edit1 J03A9254_edit1 J03A9245_edit1 The shoe display was a fun project. I had seen a display at Kate Spade New York’s Fashion Valley store in San Diego that I really loved, their sunglasses are lit up from behind. I ran with that idea, removing the backing that came with the shelves and adding frosted plexiglass. My handyman configured a way to place the lighting, and behind the skirts you see is a removable panel incase one of the bulbs go out. He also built a few custom drawers between the shoe cubbies that would match the Ikea drawers where the Jewelry display is. To hide the irritating little holes that come in every ikea closet, I simply used bright white caulking and filled them in myself. The rug, believe it or not is also Ikea. It’s two Flokati rugs stitched together, trimmed to fit, and attached to the floor. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments, additional sources listed below!

Ceiling light fixtures from West Elm / Tulip stool from InStyleModern / Cabinet lighting, Flokati rug, closet fixtures, floating shelf, in wall mirror cabinets, and closet structure from Ikea / Skirt and shirt hangers all from The Container Store / Flower vase from Nate Berkus for Target


gypsynewyear_tablesetting_msq gypsynewyear_tablesetting2_msq gypsynewyear_tablesetting3_msq


My friends and I decided to have a Gypsy New Year’s get-together so we can celebrate our friendship, and have a beautiful, relaxing evening to ring in 2014. I always think jewel tones when thinking of anything gypsy, or bohemian. I borrowed a couple of feathers from my moms peacocks (or you can buy some on Amazon, because they have everything), and I tucked them into some napkins with a pocket fold . I went to the local fabric store and bought some tassels, gold zig zag ribbon, and sequins. I sprinkled sequins down the table runner, and made wide napkin holders. If you’e handy with a hot glue gun and velcro tabs, I think you can make it work! (Or if enough of you request a D.I.Y. I might post one!) If you are looking for more bohemian inspiration, feel free to stalk the inspiration board for this party on Pinterest! It was a group board my friends and I loaded up with magical bohemian imagery. The night was filled with indian food, tarot readings, belly dancing, and wonderful memories.



Margot Tennenbaum I’m a huge fan of Wes Anderson‘s The Royal Tenenbaums. It’s tied with Rushmore as being my all time favorite of his. I always gravitated towards Margot‘s character, with all her quirks, the wooden finger, and brutally honest quips. As a teenager, Margot’s angst filled pouts and heavy eyeliner really resonated with me. I was able to find a wig on sale at my local wig shop and they shaped it just for my costume. I bought two large men’s polo’s at a thrift store, they were both blue with stripes, I then stitched them together to make one shirt dress (if you’re crafty you could just download this pattern and make your own). I am by no means a professional seamstress, so my dress is not perfect. To cover it up I bought Margot’s iconic coat off of Ebay. The hair clip was one I already had, simply painted with red nail polish. The “wooden” finger I made by wrapping my finger with toilet paper, and wrapping masking tape around it until it was stiff. I then got my brown acrylics out, and painted it until it looked like wood. The final touch, the cigarette, can be found at any Halloween or prop shop. Not shown in this photo (because I had already carried it all night), a vintage brown handbag. I picked up a brown crocodile one from the 60′s at an estate sale. If you recreate this costume, make sure not to smile, and lightly roll your eyes at anything said that’s not worth your time. Happy Halloween!