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loglady_twinpeaks_costume_halloween I’m a giant Twin Peaks fan. I’ve watched the series twice and have started re-watching it in it’s entire restored splendor on Blu-Ray. My favorite character by far is the Log Lady. She makes sense while saying nonsense. If anything, she is such an integral character to the show, without being the main character, or appearing all that much. When I take on a costume, I do my best to stay get it on the dot. I did some deep digging on my go to sites, Etsy and Ebay, then bought a bundle of logs and picked the best one (the rest ended up in my fireplace). It’s a fairy easy costume to piece together, just be warned you’ll get tired of carrying around the log, because it has too much to say.



Rosemary's Baby

graphic design by Q

I finally purchased Rosemary’s Baby on Blu-ray from the Criterion collection; one of my favorite films of all time. Criterion always does a fantastic job restoring older films, and collecting content for added features. Their drive and passion for film matches my own. I’ve been collecting Criterion films since I can remember. If you have yet to see this film don’t hesitate, just purchase it on Blu-Ray. It’s a classic, psychologically disturbing, and enticing. This is a good film to watch hand in hand with Polanski’s other Criterion film, Repulsion. I’ve found that the more I’ve watched Rosemary’s Baby, the more disturbed I become, yet, I can’t look away.


Margot Tennenbaum I’m a huge fan of Wes Anderson‘s The Royal Tenenbaums. It’s tied with Rushmore as being my all time favorite of his. I always gravitated towards Margot‘s character, with all her quirks, the wooden finger, and brutally honest quips. As a teenager, Margot’s angst filled pouts and heavy eyeliner really resonated with me. I was able to find a wig on sale at my local wig shop and they shaped it just for my costume. I bought two large men’s polo’s at a thrift store, they were both blue with stripes, I then stitched them together to make one shirt dress (if you’re crafty you could just download this pattern and make your own). I am by no means a professional seamstress, so my dress is not perfect. To cover it up I bought Margot’s iconic coat off of Ebay. The hair clip was one I already had, simply painted with red nail polish. The “wooden” finger I made by wrapping my finger with toilet paper, and wrapping masking tape around it until it was stiff. I then got my brown acrylics out, and painted it until it looked like wood. The final touch, the cigarette, can be found at any Halloween or prop shop. Not shown in this photo (because I had already carried it all night), a vintage brown handbag. I picked up a brown crocodile one from the 60′s at an estate sale. If you recreate this costume, make sure not to smile, and lightly roll your eyes at anything said that’s not worth your time. Happy Halloween!



sundance 2013

Made it out to our third year at Sundance! We managed to stay warm even when hitting less than eighteen degrees, fahrenheit. Sundance is wonderful, It’s one of my favorite events of the year. There’s nothing like being bundled up in the middle of nowhere, snow everywhere, surrounded by lovers of film. You can pick up a conversation with anyone, and they usually share your passion for all things related to cinema; It’s a pleasant escape. We had dinner at Table Onesitting next to Morgan Spurlock (the director of Super Size Me, Mansome). We also saw a handful of actors and directors at Q&A’s. It’s always inspiring to hear director’s speak of the difficulty of making a film, and the reward of finally completing it. Overall most Q&A’s have a positive and inspiring message for other film makers out there.


We were very fortunate in that we didn’t get a bad egg in all the films we watched; we were pleased with the majority. There were a few that were just“alright”, not terrible by any means (A.C.O.D., jOBS). I was able to enjoy a variety of films I would have otherwise had needed to wait until they were at  our local indie theatre, or netflix. We averaged about 3 films a day, we didn’t go skiing, we didn’t snowshoe, we just watched movies, enjoyed downtown, had some comfort food, and sat in dark theaters absorbing images. There really is nothing like Sundance, I’m already counting down the days until next year!

If you need more Sundance imagery, my partner in crime posted a great photo-set on his blog.


lacma_kubrick_vintage_film kubrick_lacma_newspaper_clockworkorange kubrick_lacma_clockworkorange kubick_lacma_shining_twins_ax kubrick_lacma_shining_typewriter_allworkandnoplaymakejackadullboy kubrick_lacma_lolita I guess my obsession with Kubrick was inherited, my father always played his films around me and sung his praises. Anytime I saw photos of Stanley Kubrick as a child, I thought it was one of my dad, they looked fairly similar. As I got older and started to better understand his films, and read more about his obsession with perfection, I came to appreciate them on my own terms. I love that none of his films were ever the same, and the cinematography was ground breaking for it’s time, and still sets precedent. Kubrick always picked the perfect music to accompany his films as well. I can’t really pick a favorite from his films, since they are all different from one another. I can say Peter Seller’s performances in Dr. Strangelove always stands out in my mind when thinking of incredible acting. I was so excited to visit the exhibit at LACMA and get to see Kubrick’s process, and tools, laid out before me. For anyone who has an appreciation for his work, or is curious to find out more, this is definitely an exhibit not to be missed.