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ironside_sandiego_littleitaly_confettidarling_bar_succulents_plant_wall ironside_sandiego_littleitaly_confettidarling_bar_succulent_garden ironside_sandiego_littleitaly_confettidarling_bar_marble_tablesetting ironside_sandiego_littleitaly_confettidarling_bar_mermaid_vintage_luggage ironside_sandiego_littleitaly_confettidarling_teal_katespate ironside_sandiego_littleitaly_confettidarling_bar_oysters_rockafeller J03A6035_edit1 ironside_sandiego_littleitaly_confettidarling_bar_oysters Seth and I had a date night to celebrate our seven year anniversary the other day, so we decided to try out a new restaurant in Little Italy that has been getting a ton of hype, Ironside Fish & Oyster Bar. It lived up to my expectations, as the service and food were fantastic. What I loved the most was the design details throughout the restaurant. Their interior design made you feel as though you were sitting down at Harrod‘s to get some oysters, with a hipster edge and creative cocktails in tiki cups. The marble and brass accents elevate the decor, while other nautical aspects really made it feel as though you were out to sea. For those looking for great ambiance, drinks, and delicious bowl of clam chowder, look no further.



Q and Monster

Julian Apples We live an hour away from a old gold mining town called Julian, here in California. Every September through October you can go apple picking, they have over a dozen orchards to chose from. While we’re there, we always stop and get a slice of dutch apple pie at the Julian Pie Company. We don’t get too many trees changing colors in these parts, so if you want fall, you have to go looking for it!



Los Angeles Trip 2013 I had a fabulous trip to Los Angeles with my ladies last weekend. We were famished by the time we got into the city so we headed to one of my favorite restaurants, Son of A Gun; they have phenomenal dishes and drinks. I enjoyed a gorgeous pickled beat, radish, and butter lettuce salad with breadcrumbs and creme fraiche. We stayed at The Standard Downtown, which is my go to anytime I travel to LA. We all bunked in a “Wow” room, it was the perfect size for all of us (four people). We enjoyed the roof top bar, and lounged poolside for a bit. We then made our way to First Friday at Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice; food trucks, art galleries, and boutiques galore. On our second day we walked over to Bottega Louie for brunch; mimosas, bennies, and macarons, we couldn’t be happier. If you’re ever visiting LA on a weekend, I highly suggest you swing by there. We explored LACMA in it’s entirely, I was fortunate enough to see The Stanley Kubrick Retrospective for the second time (he’s my favorite director). From there we explored the neighborhood of Silver Lake, picking up some Raclette from The Cheese Store and getting caffeinated atIntelligentsia. We had made reservations at Little Dom’s, a restaurant I must visit at least once every time I’m in LA. The first time I visited they had the best (and only) alligator meatballs I’ve ever had. We were chit-chatting away when we all fell dead silent with a smile across our faces, Jeff Goldblum walked by, saying“Hello Ladies”, as classy as ever with a smile that melts hearts; we couldn’t stop talking about it the rest of the night! We ended the evening at the iconicGriffith Observatory, enjoying a final glimpse of the city, and the stars, before making our drive back to San Diego.


La Jolla California

Living in San Diego, California, I always forget to make a trip out to the beach; It’s easy to ignore when you’ve grown up with it your whole life. I made a conscience effort with my cousin the other day to go enjoy it. We explored La Jolla and it’s treasures as if we were tourists. We also got to enjoy some authentic Mexican street tacos at Puesto, my favorite was the cheese, cactus, and zuchini taco with avocado and salsa. I couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day!


sundance 2013

Made it out to our third year at Sundance! We managed to stay warm even when hitting less than eighteen degrees, fahrenheit. Sundance is wonderful, It’s one of my favorite events of the year. There’s nothing like being bundled up in the middle of nowhere, snow everywhere, surrounded by lovers of film. You can pick up a conversation with anyone, and they usually share your passion for all things related to cinema; It’s a pleasant escape. We had dinner at Table Onesitting next to Morgan Spurlock (the director of Super Size Me, Mansome). We also saw a handful of actors and directors at Q&A’s. It’s always inspiring to hear director’s speak of the difficulty of making a film, and the reward of finally completing it. Overall most Q&A’s have a positive and inspiring message for other film makers out there.


We were very fortunate in that we didn’t get a bad egg in all the films we watched; we were pleased with the majority. There were a few that were just“alright”, not terrible by any means (A.C.O.D., jOBS). I was able to enjoy a variety of films I would have otherwise had needed to wait until they were at  our local indie theatre, or netflix. We averaged about 3 films a day, we didn’t go skiing, we didn’t snowshoe, we just watched movies, enjoyed downtown, had some comfort food, and sat in dark theaters absorbing images. There really is nothing like Sundance, I’m already counting down the days until next year!

If you need more Sundance imagery, my partner in crime posted a great photo-set on his blog.


lacma_kubrick_vintage_film kubrick_lacma_newspaper_clockworkorange kubrick_lacma_clockworkorange kubick_lacma_shining_twins_ax kubrick_lacma_shining_typewriter_allworkandnoplaymakejackadullboy kubrick_lacma_lolita I guess my obsession with Kubrick was inherited, my father always played his films around me and sung his praises. Anytime I saw photos of Stanley Kubrick as a child, I thought it was one of my dad, they looked fairly similar. As I got older and started to better understand his films, and read more about his obsession with perfection, I came to appreciate them on my own terms. I love that none of his films were ever the same, and the cinematography was ground breaking for it’s time, and still sets precedent. Kubrick always picked the perfect music to accompany his films as well. I can’t really pick a favorite from his films, since they are all different from one another. I can say Peter Seller’s performances in Dr. Strangelove always stands out in my mind when thinking of incredible acting. I was so excited to visit the exhibit at LACMA and get to see Kubrick’s process, and tools, laid out before me. For anyone who has an appreciation for his work, or is curious to find out more, this is definitely an exhibit not to be missed.